Upcoming Programs and Activities

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​JANUARY 16, 2019 – Linda and Wayne Conklin will present “THE HISTORY OF IRISH MUSIC” – Music has always been the heart and soul of Ireland, from the drums of the ancient Celts through the harpists of the towns and valleys.  Wayne and Linda are going to share some of that history with us tonight.  Their authentic costumes and lively music will make for an informative and fun evening.

 SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 2019 - UU FELLOWSHIP BOARD MEETING – 10:00 am in the Palm Room at Sun City Center.

 JANUARY 23, 2019 – Bill Danek will present “WHY?!” – From the family including What, Where, When, Who, and Which, but oh, so much more powerful.  Only humans can handle the Why word.  Bill Danek will give it a try himself, and take it all the way!

 MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2019 - UU MEMBERS’ LUNCHEON – Meet at the Ybor Grille Restaurant in Ruskin at 339 19th Avenue N.E. at noon.  The restaurant is opposite McDonalds and east of Route 41.  As always, please call Judy Kramer at (813) 642-0621 by Saturday, January 26 to let her know you are planning to attend.

 JANUARY 30, 2019 - Professor Mark W. Muesse - “A QUARTET OF SAGES.”  This is the first lecture in Dr. Muesse’s 36 video lecture course titled “Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad.”  In this lecture he will attempt to explain what led him to the study of religion and philosophy in the first place.

 FEBRUARY 6, 2019 - Dr. Robert Tucker - “Who Wrote the New Testament?” – Most people—especially Christians!—have no idea who really wrote the N.T.  For over 200 years scholars have known that it is not who most people think.  Dr. Tucker will tell all in this sermon.