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APRIL 3, 2019 – Dr. Robert Tucker – “The Virtue of Humor” April (because of April Fool’s Day on 4/1) is Holy Humor Month and National Humor Month. Philosophers have long recognized that humor is a virtue; and, in this sermon, Dr. Tucker will explain why. There will not be a potluck dinner.

APRIL 10, 2019 – Bill Danek – “Pithies” A “pithy” is a brief and forceful expression. Bill Danek has selected 5 (out of 500) to expound upon in his program. You may join him in the exercise.

APRIL 17, 2019 – Maxine Blumenthal – “From Jewish to Jewnitartian” One of our snowbirds, Maxine Blumenthal, a founding member of the South Jersey chapter of Unitarian Universalists, said it was amazing for them to discover how many different backgrounds compose UU congregations. Maxine, herself, was born into a Jewish family and chose to become a UU in 1961. She was asked three years ago to talk of her journey from Jewish to Jewnitarian. She will repeat this presentation for us this evening.

APRIL 20, 2019 – UU FELLOWSHIP BOARD MEETING The Board will meet at 10:00 a.m. in the Palm Room at Sun City Center.

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2019 – UU MEMBERS’ LUNCHEON Meet at the Ybor Grille Restaurant in Ruskin at 339 19th Avenue N.E. at noon. The restaurant is opposite McDonalds and east of Route 41. As always, please call Judy Kramer at (813) 642-0621 by Saturday, April 20, to let her know you are planning to attend.

TUESDAY, APRIL 23, 2019 – UU BOOK CLUB MEETING UU members are invited to the home of Judy Kramer, 2212 W. Del Webb Blvd. at 2:00 p.m. to discuss the formation of a UU Book Club. Please call Judy if you plan to attend the meeting: (813) 642-0621.

APRIL 24, 2019 – Linda Conklin – Take-aways from the Book, “Echoes from the Wall,” by Judy King. We are told that the Mexicans seeking entry to the U.S. are criminals, leeching from our country’s social services. But who are these people who brave the perils of the journey to “el norte?” Why don’t they enter legally like they are supposed to? Many of these migrants suffer the indifferent cruelty of the visa process or face the horrors of crossing the desert just to provide a better life for their families. And the biggest disgrace is the way the veterans are treated by our government. Come hear some of the highlights (or lowlights) of this fascinating new book.